Body Scanning CRM

Sioux Falls Bike Store

Body Scanning CRM: A Quick and Easy Way to Make Sure the Bicycle You Select Fits You Properly

There are three parts to Body Scanning CRM, but the whole process will take just a few moments of your time!

Client Laser Measuring Module

You will be asked to step into the module so five measurements can be taken from different locations. This is noninvasive and there is no need for the consultant to touch you.

The laser measures:

  • Height
  • Shoulder Width
  • Shoulder Height 
  • Arm Length
  • Hip Height

Bicycle Adjustment Tool

This easy-to-use tool transfers the measurements computed by Body Scanning CRM software directly to the bicycle.

CRM Software

You will be asked a few simple questions. This way your consultant can make sure the right bike is selected to fit your needs.​ 

Now You're Ready to Ride!

This program provides accurate, detailed feedback on each cycling measurement and recommendation. Then our Body Scan's Bicycle Adjustment Tool transfers computed measurements directly to your bicycle.

The result is a whole new ride. Enjoy the comfort and be sure to take it easy on your friends as you dole out newfound power!

We're excited to be able to provide this space-age, ultra-precise measurement system. If you have questions about Body Scanning CRM or any other aspect of cycling or bicycle fitting please don't hesitate to ask!  We provide only the best at for you at our Sioux Falls bike shop.