Sioux Falls Bicycle Company

Trek Project One

Design every detail of your dream ride, then let Trek bring your vision to life. We’ll work with Trek to create your bike the way Trek creates every Project One: with the skill that only the most-experienced builders and artists can offer.  

Sioux Falls Bicycle Shop

Gunnar Custom Frames

American hand-frame-building with thoughtful design, solid construction and custom-quality workmanship.  The Staff as Sioux Falls Bicycle Company will help you select your custom components and build out your personalized Gunnar bicycle.  

Sioux Falls Bicycle Store

Bianchi Tavolozza Configurator

Bianchi Tavolozza is the exclusive web color configurator available for Bianchi CV models engineered with Countervail® vibration cancelling technology. All frames personalized with Tavolozza color configurator, including graphics and logos, are hand-painted and decaled in Italy by expert craftsmen, combining Bianchi’s timeless skills of tailoring together with advanced technologies.

Sioux Falls Bike Repair

Custom BMX Bikes

We will help you select and order the right BMX frame for your riding style.  Then choose your customized components and let the staff at Sioux Falls Bicycle Company expertly build your dream BMX bike!

Sioux Falls Bike Store

Custom Ski Bikes

Hit the slopes on your custom ski bike!  Combines the exhilaration of skiing and snowboarding with the control of mountain biking, the fastest growing winter sport.  The idea is simple. Instead of putting wheels on a bike frame, you attach a pair of skis. The staff at Sioux Falls Bicycle Company will help you choose your frame and skis and expertly assemble your new ski bike.  

When there is not snow on the ground the skis can be removed and tires and pedals can be added to convert to a BMX bike.